• Boris Prana offers July 10-12th Weekend Retreat

    Location: Interfaith Peace Temple, Albany, NY – a magical 100 acres of walkable woods, fields, ponds with friendly llamas, alpaca’s and other farm animals.
    Date: July 10th- 12th – use this weekend to expand your personal spiritual growth, health and self transformation.

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    Friday, July 10th
     Arrival and settling in
     Retreat begins in the evening with a 1 hour Guided Meditation

    Saturday, July 11th
     2.5 hour Master Yoga Class
     1 hour talk: An entertaining exploration of yoga philosophy with Swami Bruce Hilliger
    (Atmavratananada) – Professor of Philosophy. Learn about the philosophy that underlies yoga: Vivekananda Vedanta and Upanishadic Lore
     2 hour Meditative Yoga Class with healing music / vocals performed by Susanna Raeven
    (intoxicating voice, sruti box, drum, Tibetan bowls, rattles, shacapa, didjeridoo).

    Sunday, July 12th
     2.5 hours breathwork with sacred ceremonial cacao from Peru.
     Retreat officially ends early afternoon

    Expect to leave this Retreat radiating your Inner Divine Light and Joy which is your birthright and the ultimate goal of every yoga practice.

    About Breathwork
    This is a multidimensional experience, encompassing many facets of our being. It helps to lift chakra vibrations to their natural, higher frequencies. This practice also helps eliminate sources of psychosomatic disease, tensions, inhibitions and repressed emotions. It employs an ancient, cathartic, healing breath which activates and purifies our emotional memory at the cellular level.

    About Bruce Hilliger
    Bruce Hilliger finished a twelve year retreat at Vivekananda Monastery and Retreat in Ganges, MI in 1985. He ran the Vedanta Society of Atlanta for 2 years in 86/87. He went independent of the Ramakrishna Order of Monks in 1995 and has been running SRV Retreat Center in Greenville, NY since 1988. Bruce’s favorite Indian spiritual figure is Swami Vivekananda who he has studied extensively as well as Sri Ramakrishna. He has also studied the Upanishads and practiced the various yogas and Buddhist practices since 1967. He has also practiced and studied Peruvian shamanism for 12 years, has visited Peru numerous times and is a musician.

    About Susanna Raeven
    Susanna Raven is a singer, songwriter and musician with a strong focus on ceremonial music and sacred instruments. Her songs are inspired by icaros, traditional plant spirit songs from the Peruvian Amazon. Rattle, shruti box, drum, Tibetan bowls, and shacapa are her allies. She has been tuned into the tribal sound and power of the didgeridoo ever since she was exposed to its vibration for the very first time. Her music is an offering to the wildness of the earth and the healing of its people.

    About Boris Prana
    Boris Prana begin his yoga journey in 1998 at Shakti Yoga Center with Pam Flynn and since then hasexplored a range of traditional as well as contemporary yoga styles. Boris regularly practices Vipassana meditation from the Theravāda lineage as well as taking yearly intensive Vipassana retreats since 2005.

    His teaching is always fresh and inspiring and he delights in sharing the valuable transmissions from the
    Yoga, Buddhism and Shamanic masters he has met on his path. Boris’ teaching is designed to eliminate physical, mental and emotional issues allowing for the body, mind and spirit unite. Each yoga class with Boris is guided by a Spirit and channeling of different healing techniques and wisdom properties.
    It is Boris Prana’s intention for this Retreat that “together we will practice patience, strength, stamina, mind clarity, self-discipline, peacefulness and self-grounding, all of which enable us to build a healthier and more present self.”

    Price $365
    Shared accommodations
    Shared bathroom
    Vegetarian meals
    *Does not include transportation to and from the Retreat – Ride Sharing or Public Transportation Options Recommended

    Registration form click here- July Retreat with Boris Prana (1)

    Here is a waiver to sign to bring with you please Boris Prana JULY RETREAT WAIVER