• Henna & Meditation for Yoga Practitioners **** Fri Aug 22 at 7:30 pm

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    Henna for Yoga Practitioners

    Henna for Yoga Practitioners~Yoga Mehndi
    Henna or mehndi, is an ancient art involving temporary,
    natural designs that are placed on the skin for
    celebration, beauty & spirit.

    This 2 hour workshop features a brief history of henna/mehndi by the artist,
    Stephanie Gough, and each attendee will receive a design
    from a selection of simple and beautiful henna/mehndi
    iconographies that have symbolic meaning for the yoga
    community. Sitting and reclining meditation will also be

    The workshop fee is $30 per person, and is limited
    to15 participants.

    Email Shakti Yoga to ensure your place
    (shaktipam@yahoo.com) with pre-payment via cash, check or
    bank email Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT. (For easy EFT
    instructions, contact Shakti Yoga at the email noted.)

    ADORN HENNA www.adorn-henna.com 347-466-1881